"Our Sound will Blow you Away!"

1962 Corvair Corvan - 


Corvans were originally sold as delivery or service vehicles for many companies throughout North American.  It was created by GM to compete with the popular VW models that scattered the landscape in the early 60s.  The Corvan was produced from 1960-1964 with the strongest year in 1962.  Approximately 49,000 Vans were made in these years, and finding any in really good shape is a bit of a challenge. 

This Van is a good example of what they would of been new, although don't expect doors to fit and lines to be straight.  The interior is not 100% original, keep in mind all the interior had in this van was a bench seat.  This van should be on the road the summer of 09'.  Whirlwind makes no appoligies for the sound system that is going in (it can always come out). 


Van Specs:





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DB Drag Van


This is a 1996 Ford Aerostar.  Nothing to look at on the outside, once inside though!  How about 9 10" Sub woofers???  Why???

Not to say that 9 10" sub woofers has never been done before, but 9 10" sub woofers with a disco ball, now that's different. 

Not an award winning install, not award winning in performance, and not award winning appearance, but it does show that with a little bit of imagination and a small budget anyone can build something and have fun doing it.  We get more "Holy $%&#" or "OMG" or uncontrolable laughter with this van then anything else we've done to this point.


Van specs.


All for under $3000.00 Retail -in Canadian dollars.


Oh yes what does it hit, a respectable 148db with 1200watts -not bad.

1947 Pontiac


I do not want to do this car any dis-service so I am currently working on getting the right specs and more information from the owner.  What I can tell you,


Sounds absolutly amazing.  when you shut the doors and stand outside you can hardly hear a thing -there is something to be said for old tin.

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