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Bill has worked in the sales and service industry for 20 years.  With Bill's love of cars and music, he didn't go and find car audio it found him.  Over the years he worked as an electronics salesman in Castlegar, Trail, and Calgary.  These humble beginnings is what gave Bill tools to follow a dream.  Bill always wanted to own his own business and what better opportunity then in a town he loves and people he enjoys.

Bill has found that Creston is an unusual town to do business in but has done his best to find the brands that work and work well.  What is "Best Value"?  Bill believes that it is product that sounds good, lasts long, and has a strong industry reputation.  Bill also realizes that products change rapidly from year to year, and he is willing to change with it. 

Bill invites you to come, listen, and enjoy a coffee.

Janice has 20 years experience in the financial industry.  Janice worked for 10 years as an investments specialist for a Calgary bank, and another 5 years as a financial analyse for a municiple district.  Janice has worked along side Bill making sure that things run smoothly for the business for over 5 years.  She is always eager to help and is well liked by customers that come into the store. 

Janice can be seen cruising around town in her pimped out minivan,  playing her favorite tunes.  Janice's attention to detail, and her great attitude make her an awesome asset to the car audio industry. 



Music to our ears


by Danielle Cameron Koocanusa Publications staff writer
Published August 2011

Bill and Janice Dyck are a solid husband and wife team with a knack for business ownership. Detecting the need for retail audio sales and installation services in the Creston Valley, the couple opened Whirlwind Audio in 2007. They sell and install products for cars, trucks, motorcycles, watercraft and RVs, focusing on items such as remote starters, alarm systems, GPS navigation, Bluetooth, audio/video players, speakers and satellite radio. In June they moved to a new location on Highway 21, where they feel the shop and property is more conducive to their type of business.

Creston's proximity to the border means heavy competition from US companies. Bill and Janice tackle this challenge by offering a high level of quality—in the products available, the time they put into brand research and the service that customers receive.

"The market is changing, with many vehicles offering better sound systems, back-up sensors, navigation, remote starters and so on as original equipment,” said Bill. "With Creston being so close to the border and the average age of the population being around 60, we were challenged to make Whirlwind something different."

Building on success

The beauty of shopping at Whirlwind Audio is that you can find something of interest no matter what demographic you fit into. Giving customers the best possible sound systems to suit their needs and budget is one of many ways that the business has established itself in this tough market.

"The idea is to get back to the roots of car audio," Bill said. "I take pride in the fact that we make things louder or sound better, and we have awards to show our success. We have something to offer no matter if you're 16 or 85, from back-up sensors and cameras to 24-inch subwoofers."

The Dycks are very much in tune with the future of their industry, and they have come up with several ideas to pursue over the next few years, including exclusive speaker packages and items that are not manufactured overseas. As well, they also came up with some creative ventures to draw customers in and increase their presence in the community.

"If we can give people something that is totally unique our business will continue to grow," said Bill. "We will continue to have our yearly sound-offs with this year's being Sunday, September 25, 2011. As for the summer months, we have opened a concession stand for those who love homemade ice cream (MacKay's brand). We are hoping that this draws the customers down to our little shop by the Goat River."


Article feature from 2011.  The focus is still the same, "How do we service Creston and Area?".

In November of 2007 Bill Dyck made a decision to start selling and Installing Car audio and accessories in Creston..Creston B.C. is said by many to be the "Heart of the Kootenays".  We separate the East and West Kootenays with a beautiful valley nestled between the Selkirk and Purcell mountain ranges.  Kootenay river runs through the valley from Idaho to the Kootenay lake.  Awesome scenery and recreation year round, did I mention the fishing.

The decision that Bill had to start a business in Creston was not an easy one, although with the above paragraph it should of been a "no brainer".   Creston is a retirement town, and the average age demographic for car audio is 16-25 males, so trying to fit in to Creston has been somewhat challenging.  

At Whirlwind we have believe that 2016 will see more road sales, and less shop time.  The idea will be to build a brand not only for the wonderful people of Creston, but also abroad.  We are still committed to better products, and better Service, we still want to bring in products that you traditionally find in those specialty shops in the big city, and low overhead means we will be very competitive.  

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